Fulfill your Kingdom Destiny!


Have life’s circumstances left you feeling weary, jaded, or confused? You were made for more!
Discover your true calling as an ambassador for the Kingdom of God—here and now!

Step into this glorious destiny, and walk in the victory, joy, and purpose that you were created for.

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“I have always enjoyed Dr. Munroes work and Rediscovering the Kingdom is one of his best. With a great deal of grace the author leads us down a scriptural path to rediscover what has been there all along. ” – Wes


You were made for more!

Classic Teaching from Dr. Myles Munroe


In his dynamic teaching style, Dr. Myles Munroe delivers a powerful message of purpose and calling, revealing your true identity as a citizen of the Kingdom, a child of the King, and a ruler under His authority.

  • Find your true purpose as a Kingdom ambassador.
  • Take dominion over sin and addictions.
  • Break free from lifeless religion.

$99.99 $39.99

“… totally eye-opening in such a wonderful way. I learned things that I had never even heard of before. An exciting new look at what it means to be in the Kingdom of God. .” – Ryan


Basic e-course


Dr. Myles Munroe's classic teaching on the Kingdom of God, plus book/audiobook and devotional. 

Basic Course Includes…

  • 8 Powerful Teaching Sessions (download SD)
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom e-book
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom audio book
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom daily devotional
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Over 22 hours of expanded teaching, exploring the Kingdom of God and your role in it. Also includes the contents of the Basic Course.

Master-Level Course Includes…

  • 8 Powerful Teaching Sessions (download SD)
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom e-book
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom audio book
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom daily devotional
  • 5 additional volumes of video teaching (21 sessions—over 22 hours of teaching!)
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“I have discovered the true meaning of life and where I fit into God's plan.” – Garry

Master-Level Volumes

5 Volumes  •  21 Sessions  •  Over 22 Hours of Teaching


Volume 1

  1. Discovering Your Kingdom Leadership
  2. The Dominion Mandates
  3. Contrasting Kingdoms
  4. The Kingdom assignment of Jesus

Volume 2

  1. A Kingdom of Servant Leaders
  2. Rediscovering the Kingdom
  3. A Kingdom of Spirit Leadership
  4. The Priority of the Kingdom

Volume 3

  1. The Concepts and Characteristics of the Kingdom
  2. The Kingdom Focus of Jesus
  3. The Keys of Kingdom Success
  4. The Key to Kingdom Citizenship

Volume 4

  1. Discovering Your Kingdom Destiny
  2. Understanding the Keys to the Kingdom
  3. Practical Contemporary Kingdom Living
  4. Characteristics of the Kingdom

Volume 5

  1. Defining the Keys of the Kingdom #1
  2. Defining the Keys of the Kingdom #2
  3. The Power of Kingdom Rights #1
  4. The Power of Kingdom Rights #2
  5. Understanding the Secrets of Kingdom Keys
$199.99 $99.99

“This is the best ever introduction from a Kingdom Ambassador, Myles. He clearly outlined the components of the Kingdom.
I recommend this to anyone who wishes to be the best version of himself or herself. It is your choice. Take charge of your destiny.” – Kathy

Meet Dr. Myles Munroe


Dr. Myles Munroe was a beloved statesman and internationally renowned bestselling author, lecturer, life coach, and government consultant. His legacy continues to impact the multitudes, individually launching people into lives of discovered purpose and unlocked potential, and corporately ushering the global church into greater revelation of demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

He, along with his wife, Ruth Ann, served as senior pastors of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship