"Randy Clark is the most trusted voice in the healing ministry today."


Healing and miracles were part of everyday life for the believers in the New Testament. Why isn’t the same true for us today?

Renowned pastor and healing minister, Randy Clark, takes you through a revelatory Bible study on divine healing and miracles. Catch the Kingdom vision for healing in our modern day. Grow your faith with amazing accounts of healings, miracles, and resurrections of biblical proportions. Embrace a theology of the miraculous, and learn to walk in a supernatural lifestyle!

Renew your perspective on healing and become a powerful agent for Kingdom blessing!

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What's the difference between Authority to Heal and Power to Heal?

  • In Power to Heal, Randy Clark offered you a practical handbook for healing—equipping any Christian to easily start praying for the sick. 
  • The Authority to Heal e-course takes you deeper in your understanding of divine healing. Learn the biblical truths and historical evidences for how a miraculous lifestyle can be normal for every believer.

“Randy Clark provides great insight, through teaching and testimony, into the power and promise of God to heal.” - Chuck

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What You'll Learn

Each session includes Companion Study materials…

Through the eight video sessions and interactive study guide activities, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and overcome deceptions that block the flow of God’s power
  • Unlock your inheritance of healing authority through Biblical truths and surprising testimonies from church history
  • Deepen your understanding of God’s goodness through His signs and wonders
  • Access the same power in which Jesus, the early church and Spirit-empowered miracleworkers throughout history walked

… and much more!


“Amazing how Randy Clark passes on the knowledge he has from the Lord” - Kristen

$99.99 $39.99

Or, try SESSION 1 + Companion Study Materials for just $1.99!


What's Included

The Authority to Heal e-course includes…

  • 8 Video Sessions: HD Video Download
  • Authority to Heal book: PDF Download
  • Study Guide: PDF Download
  • Leader's Guide: PDF Download

“Randy Clark provides helpful, practical guidelines and encouragement” - Darcy

$99.99 $39.99

Or, try SESSION 1 + Companion Study Materials for just $1.99!


Rave Reviews

“This guy can write and inspire!!” - Debbie

$99.99 $39.99

Or, try SESSION 1 + Companion Study Materials for just $1.99!



Randy Clark

Randy Clark, DMin is the President and Founder of Global Awakening. Established in 1994, Global Awakening is an apostolic ministry that aims to equip the body of Christ through ministry schools, training programs, conferences and international missions trips. Through his ministry, Randy has seen tens of thousands healed and brought to salvation. He is the author of There Is More, Power to Heal and Essential Guide to the Power of the Holy Spirit.